• Italy
All the prints are made on fabric with pockets for the sticks to be hanged
The logo that you see on the images, is not present on the prints
You can find the price under every picture depending on the size available, I have a very limited number of prints left
The price doesn't include shipping. I ship from Italy all over the world.
To order write me a message with the names of the pieces and we will take it from there.

In color

Ecstatic Union 58x57 cm 50 euro
Inbetween lives 55x73 cm 50 euro
Inner Flame 48x41 cm 50 euro
Blossoming Womb 58x58 cm sold out
Self=love 54x75 cm sold out
The Mother of the World 54x77 cm 50 euro
Swimming with the Whales Available in 2 sizes: 29x41 cm 20 euro 43x62 cm 50 euro
Tranquility of Presence 48x49 cm 50 euro
The Seer Available in 2 sizes: 40x28 cm 20 euro 55x39 cm 40 euro
Hypnotized by illusions Available in 2 sizes: 40x57 cm 40 euro 29x40 cm 10 euro (with a small defect)
Orgasm 40x40 cm 15 euro
Scream 40x56 cm 40 euro

A Journey through time into timeless

64,5x45 cm 50 euro
"The snakefish is swimming downstream. The flow is smooth and light. Pema's body is getting warm again. She can't figure out anymore where she is, where she is going. Deep space of surrender is opening inside of her. She can see clearly that she can't hold onto anything, neither past nor future. She can only experience everything in the present moment. Her past, her future can only be lived now. It all belongs to now. This clarity supports her in surrendering to whatever she sees unfolding in the river." From Tantra, Hidden Mysteries by Pema Gitama, page 111
I feel that this quote is perfect for this picture. This drawing depicts my process of remembering one of the past lives and transcending the dark memories, I realized that it fits quite well as an illustration to this chapter of the book!
​So transcending darkness into light, moving on the back of the serpent through time into timeless.

Black and White 

The lightness of being 58x59 cm sold out
A Healer 51x51 plus white pockets for hanging 50 euro
Silent Prayfulness 65x68 cm 60 euro
God is in me 62x44\69x58 50 euro
Devotion 69x49 (57) cm 50 euro
Valor of Spirit 63x44cm 50 euro
Flower gem-stone 51x60 40 euro
Humble heart gives birth to a mighty spirit 66x64 cm 50 euro
Anscestors 49x49 cm 50 euro
Sacred Source 39x40 cm 20 euro
The fire of the Victorious light 49x49 cm 50 euro
Wisdom Keeper 35x48 20 euro 49x69 cm 50 euro